Closing the Cabin

Turn off the electricity to the water heater approximately 15 minutes prior to shutting the water off to the cabin. This allows the heating elements to cool slowly before draining. Switch located at main panel at north end of the hallway.

Shut off the main water supply valve located near the fireplace in the basement. Open the pvc drain line that goes out the side of the cabin, open the water heater drain using the attached screwdriver, and open the petcock on the shower drain trap. Leave drains open.

In the cabin, crack open the faucets in the shower and sinks to allow the water pipes to fully drain. DO NOT forget the shower.

FLUSH the toilet and use the plunger to push as much water as possible out of the bowl. In the toilet room is some antifreeze. Pour a cup of antifreeze into the toilet bowl.

Pour a few caps of antifreeze into the sink trap in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Turn off the main gas valve at the propane tank.

Check to make sure all doors are locked.

Turn off electricity at the main electric panel and place flashlight on table near the kitchen.