Opening the Cabin

Upon entering the cabin proceed to the rear of the hallway and turn on the electricity being CAREFUL NOT to turn on the electricity to the WATER HEATER. The switches are well marked on the electrical panel. It is helpful to have a flashlight when doing this procedure. Usually one is left on the table near the kitchen.

The main water valve for the cabin is located in the southeast corner of the basement (lakeside near fireplace). PLEASE BE COGNIZANT of water faucets in the cabin being open.

Located at the northeast (lakeside toward the meadow) corner of the basement are the water heater, the pvc drain line, and the drain petcock for shower drain trap. These three items should be open and will need to be CLOSED. There should be a screwdriver attached to the water heater to help you close off the water heater drain.

Close the faucets in the wash basin in the bathroom. Allow the water to continue to run in the shower and kitchen sink until ALL of the air has been pushed out of the HOT WATER pipes. Then it will be safe to turn on the electricity to the hot water heater. IF YOU TURN THE ELECTRICITY TO THE WATER HEATER ON BEFORE IT IS COMPLETELY FULL, YOU WILL DESTROY THE HEATING ELEMENTS. There are extra heating elements in the storage closet. Elements are also sold at the Pinecrest store or at the Strawberry store.

The propane tank is located approximately 15 feet from the stairs to the deck. The valve is protected by a covering. Lift the covering and open the valve to supply gas to the cabin. The valve is also located on the cabin side end of the tank.

Stove and oven: There is a safety shutoff valve behind the stove/oven unit. There may be air trapped in the gas line which will make it difficult to light initially.

The heater in the front room is equipped with an electronic starter. The starting button and instructions for use are located behind a panel on the front of the heater near the floor.